around and in progress

i love circles....and cycles....summer into fall. i thought i would have trouble saying goodbye to summer, it was so fresh and delicious. but right now, autumn is my best friend. warm, earthy leaves are dancing around outside my window, blown around by the blustery harbinger of a storm on its way. colors are jewel-like and i am inspired. i think i'll go bake some gingersnaps.


Jean Bradbury said...

This has so much depth. Are the white cicles actually on an upper layer of transparency? It looks so pretty and dynamic.
I am painting with white today too, but only priming panels. Twelve feet wide...yikes.

susan said...

thanks, jean! yes, there is a layer of heavy gel under the white circles which separates them from the underpainting. i plan to build more distance to the background with more layers like this.
twelve feet??? that's intimidating! can't wait to see what you have in mind. let's get together for a coffee/studio visit soon.