art in the alley ~ open studio

this saturday my work will be at jean bradbury's open studio along with some very talented seattle artists'. should be a lot of fun in a very informal venue. eleven artists all together between two studios. (jennifer phillips is opening her next door studio as well) the participating artists are as follows...

watercolor, acrylic and oil - oh, my!

i'm looking at my posts and geeeez, it looks like the work of three different artists! i've got tight watercolors, loose acrylics, abstract pieces. i'm all over the place.
maybe i should try to work in "series" like all the successful artists do.
or am i just too ADD for that?

shapes and color

from a photo taken poolside in cabo san lucas in march. i find people so much more interesting to paint than other subject matter. something about the shapes...but mostly about the connection between people.