birthday - family series

think big. start with an idea....create a mood. forget the subject matter and focus on the large shapes - space division - color - edge.
my mom made birthdays special for all of us...cakes, balloons, friends, presents.
the old photos are fun to work with.

charger - family series

charger, my aunt and uncle's beloved german shepherd was my guardian and playmate. he was a gentle soul and was the first in a long line of canine companions. this small piece is acrylic on board. i love to focus on the shapes - positive and negative - they can be so poetic.

work in progress - family series

i'm going back to working smaller again. for a while i was painting up to 48 x 48. i love the impact of that size but as i'm getting back to illustration, smaller is better. it feels like coming home. this painting is about 12x12. it is part of a series based on old family photos.

day one

this is where i spend most of my time. yes, i'm still working traditionally - the ol' brush and paper stuff. (but i plan to start saving up for that wacom cintiq - that would tidy up my studio quite a bit! no more paint on the carpet)
i've been away from illustration for a while and so much has changed. the digital age is here. thankfully i've kept up with technology so i'm holding my own. i could use a class or two in photoshop, though.