the birth of a painting

Dream Garden                          acrylic on board                              80"x24"                             $2500

Dream Garden is hanging at Sightline Institute through June 30th. Read about the show and 
Art and Sustainability here.

I'm having too much fun on Apple's Keynote - making slideshows and videos of my process. 
Hope it's entertaining! (double click to see full size)


I've made diptychs, and even triptychs, but I wasn't sure what to call this new work made up of four panels. So I looked it up and yep, that's what it's called. Although I'm not sure if mine qualifies, since it's not actually one image broken into four segments. But it is meant to be viewed together as shown. The general term for multi paneled paintings is "polyptych." So there's your word for the day!

Having said all that, I just hung them in a different format, and I kind of like them this way...

     Story of the Moon ~ acrylic on wood ~ 5x7 panels ~ $400.