"In the Garden" A Solo Exhibition at the Virginia Inn

I am looking forward to seeing the fruits of many months of labor, all come together on the walls 
of the VI. There will be wine and simple hors d'oeuvres from 5-7. The opening is on Seattle's First Thursday ArtWalk, so many galleries will be open late. SAM is just around the corner and will be open until 9pm with free admission for all. I hope if you're in the area you'll stop by!

crimson kiss

crimson kiss © susan melrath; acrylic on canvas ; 36x36 

this painting began a little differently than it ended. below, you can see all the patterning that was edited, and the too-realistic shapes that were simplified. 

ruby harvest

ruby harvest © susan melrath; 24x36; acrylic on canvas

below is a little of the underpainting of "ruby harvest." i didn't start documenting the painting until this point which is a shame because underneath this layer is a completely different painting - one that wasn't cooperating!

midnight angels

 midnight angels © susan melrath; acrylic on canvas; 48" x 60" each

red seed


this painting was the first created in the "brushes" app on my iphone. i loved the fact that it was part doodling and part painting - no pressure, just fooling around. "brushes" also allows you to replay your painting stroke by stroke, and export it as a movie....

i decided to see how this image might translate to canvas. 
so.....back in the studio i begin the process of layering....

red seed © susan melrath; 24x48; acrylic on board

....and this is "red seed."