new work

bonnard was once referred to as a chronicler of domesticity. i'm no bonnard, but i can relate to his subject matter....and i try to relate to his use of color as well. fearless man.

more brushes

having fun on my iphone!
the first painting was made in the jiffy lube lobby waiting for my oil change. the lady across the room was knitting as she waited.
the second was just a quick sketch in my front yard as the sun set.
have i told you how much i love my iphone?

"back to the old grind?"

i enjoyed my christmas break...spent time with family & friends, played games, baked cookies, skied, partied - it was great. now it’s monday and the party’s over. but it’s hardly a “grind” to come into my quiet studio, turn on my favorite music, and play with my favorite things. i am so fortunate. i found something i was good at, something i love to do. i have a family who is supportive and encourages me.

now i just need to make a little money!