i'm so excited about the "brushes"application for the iphone. okay, i know it's not new - but it's new to me! this is my first sketch. it's not going in a portfolio or anything, but it was fun figuring out how to use the app and download the art and see it as a movie. what a fun way to work on location.

finished the cover art for "smiths of ohr-rey" by kelly owen. thanks to greg and johnny my amazing models. the painting is mostly watercolor, but i worked in colored pencil for the final details.


i'm working on a book cover for a sort-of science fiction adventure novel by kelly owen. this is not my favorite genre of reading material, but his first book, "the keep of time" was really good! it's funny, we illustrators, in the course of our work, are often exposed to literature we would never ordinarily read.