flower painting

i've been away from the studio for a while. my son, nick had spring break and we hung out for a week. then my husband brian took his awesome sales team on a little cruise to cabo san lucas and i tagged along, of course. used to be that i wouldn't paint at all during these spells - just sketchbook stuff. but once again - the iphone brushes app helps to keep the creative juices flowing. i have so much fun with this app - i am oblivious to the passage of time. technically it's not painting, i guess - but when i get back to the studio i have some very interesting ideas to put to canvas. just for fun - here's a movie version.....

illustration friday

illustration friday" is a weekly illustration challenge. a topic is posted every friday and participants have all week to come up with their own interpretation.
this week's word was "dip."

i submitted a little painting i had done of my father in law taking a dip in the pool. i'm looking forward to bringing out the noodles!