Red Between the Lines

 "Red Between the Lines" acrylic on board 36x18 Susan Melrath ©2011

I knew this triptych was going to be about "red." That was the setup. So, while the flower shapes remained red throughout the painting process, everything around them needed to be adjusted over and over. Each layer of glaze made subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes to the overall feeling. I also played with patterns throughout. I focused on the checked patterns for a while, then on the circle-chains. There were times when I ended the day in the studio with a very ugly painting on the easel. 
I hate that feeling. 

I'm really miserable until I'm on the right track (ask my family). I lay awake at night wondering what that "red" wants. Why doesn't it look voluptuous, like I had intended? "Maybe I just suck as a painter," whispers that nasty little voice in my head. "Shut up - nobody loves you," I reply.

It feels like such a relief to have solved the problem at hand. I can enjoy the other aspects of life, free in knowing that my last painting was a success. (Sometimes I'll even peek in the studio to be sure)
So I think I'll take a moment to enjoy this feeling before diving into the abyss once more.

This painting, and the rest of the "Garden" series will be on display at the Virginia Inn on Thursday, March 3rd. Opening reception is 5-7pm. See my last post for all the details.