hold your horses

THIS is the best art video i've seen in a long time - you're gonna LOVE it. it's a french band (singing in English) called HOLD YOUR HORSES w/ each frame representing them in pose of famous paintings, from Delacroix to Warhol, Caravaggio to Chagall. they must've had so much fun producing it!

seattle dog show

last weekend the seattle kennel club hosted a dog show at qwest field event center. i LOVE dogs. what is it about them? they are honest, loyal, trusting, curious, affectionate, funny, good natured, patient....geez - what's not to love? there are so many amazing breeds and although golden retrievers are my all time favorites, i just loved seeing the little wire haired dachshunds, german shepherd dogs....all of them! i realized that over the years i have made many paintings and drawings of dogs - so i'm posting some here. i know, i know - it looks like the work of seven different artists, right?


magnolia acrylic on paper 12"x18"

i am surrounded by blossoms - cherry, forsythia, daffodil, crocus, rhododendron and magnolia. i can't stop looking. everything is busy bursting with new life. but i can't help but think of death. a neighbor's beautiful, young son has been killed in afghanistan. in my neighborhood yellow ribbons are tied to the flowering trees. death mocks the hopeful innocence of candy pink and yellow buds. if this were my son, i would want it to stop. but i'm the lucky observer. i can feel the hopefulness of rebirth as well as the pain of loss. at a distance, it is bearable.

rest in peace, eric ward.