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"Story of the Sun" acrylic on cradled board 6x6 each

I've posted about these paintings before, but want to share a little more about their inspiration. 
Some of my paintings get pretty busy with patterning and layers. I was craving the serene, simplicity of uncluttered space and shapes, so I zoomed in on "Wandering" and found many restful compositions hiding in the tangle of line and color. It's funny how different things look, 
depending on how close we are. 
Ahhh - art as a metaphor for life - I love that.  

Here is "Wandering"

and the close ups....
can you find these in the larger piece?

work in progress...

and the finished set of panels....
"Story of the Moon" acrylic on cradled board 5x7 each

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