"chinatown"    watercolor    ©susan melrath
my work is all over the place lately. since i have a finite inventory, this means the walls at home are looking a little bare. great incentive to get some work done!
this piece is part of an exhibition titled, "what makes a city?" opening this wednesday night at the providence marianwood gallery in issaquah, wa. 

i have some figurative work in a group show opening this friday at the maple valley creative arts center including one of the largest figurative paintings i've made at 4' x 4' (below).  the show includes the work of fellow EDGE graduates, Greg Bartol, Debra Calkins, Nikki deRelle, Ren LisGlenda PowersJoan Schlichting, Maggie Stokes and Larkin Van Horn. what will make the show interesting is  diversity - our disciplines include fiber art, collage, woodwork and furniture, photography, metalwork and my humble paintings. the opening should be lots of fun with music and wine tasting.


Pen Brady said...

Best to you, Susan. Hope you struggle to keep anything on your walls, and the NW has a Susan Melrath in every home. BTW, love the "Chinatown."

Ren Lis said...

Wow, Susan, I knew you'd been busy but didn't realize just how busy! Congratulations.