i'm in europe for the month of july. my son and i started in paris where we visited montmartre. i had been there before and made this painting from an old photo i had taken. it was fun to see the building again after having painted it. it had inspired me in some way, but the painting is by no means a simple likeness of that building. it is a separate thing altogether. the shapes may be the only things that remain somewhat true. "all art is abstract art" - who was it that said that?


MaureenB said...

Hello Susan!
Maureen (and Luke) here, back home safe and sound from the mountains of France. We had such a great time with his relatives.
Hope Italy is warming your heart.
I plan to post tidbits from my trip on my blog (which I NEVER log onto, it seems! ) in a few days. It's
so stop by later in the week to check it out. Let's keep in touch.
With warm regards, Maureen

susan said...

maureen - so good to hear from you. venice is amazing. thank you so much for the beautiful necklace. it is a lovely memento of our stay in paris. i'll check your blog asap.