seattle dog show

last weekend the seattle kennel club hosted a dog show at qwest field event center. i LOVE dogs. what is it about them? they are honest, loyal, trusting, curious, affectionate, funny, good natured, patient....geez - what's not to love? there are so many amazing breeds and although golden retrievers are my all time favorites, i just loved seeing the little wire haired dachshunds, german shepherd dogs....all of them! i realized that over the years i have made many paintings and drawings of dogs - so i'm posting some here. i know, i know - it looks like the work of seven different artists, right?


Jean Bradbury said...

Animals are great to paint. (obvisously I am biased)

The pencil one is cool and makes me want to re-examine the medium for depicting fur. I like the green nosed Fauvist dog. Kind of like the Matisse woman with the green nose, but doggier!

K Spoering said...

Love the one of the golden reading a book1 I wish my golden puppy would settle down and take up reading!

susan said...

oh! you have a golden puppy!? you lucky dog.