more brushes

having fun on my iphone!
the first painting was made in the jiffy lube lobby waiting for my oil change. the lady across the room was knitting as she waited.
the second was just a quick sketch in my front yard as the sun set.
have i told you how much i love my iphone?


LynnOnline said...

Hi Susan! I just found your blog and LOVELOVE your painting style. I also love my iphone, but not familiar with how you used it to paint. Is that an app? I must have it!

susan said...

thanks, lynn - i should have been more forthcoming with those details! yes, this is an app called "brushes" and i promise you will love it. also - check out the work of jorge colombo who illustrated a couple of new yorker magazine covers with his little iphone app.

LynnOnline said...

Thanks for the info Susan. I went to -- unbelievable!! I must have it!!!