collective memory show

tonight is the opening for art east's third annual collective memory show. i was selected as one of the 14 artists chosen to represent and honor individuals who have helped shape the issaquah community. each artist spent time with a designated community member "partner" to learn about them and how their contribution helped shape the fabric of the community. through the form of visual art, the stories of these area citizens are told.

my "partner," dr. john milne, is chairman and ceo of eastside emergency physicians and leads strategic development for swedish's new hospital in issaquah. he's designing this hospital with the patient's comfort and needs in mind. he's really in tune with the fact that people are vulnerable and often scared when they find themselves in a hospital - especially in the ER! i met with him and shadowed him in the hospital for an hour.....took lots of pictures.

i ended up submitting two pieces to the show. the first was a portrait of the "doctor" - the medical director guy. i incorporated a collage element - the architectural plans for swedish's new facility. i enjoyed painting this visual interpretation of dr. milne's connection to the hospital and i'm happy enough with the painting, but it was missing a compelling component of the man's career - the mix of science and compassion. how to convey this message of heart in the language of medicine? i pictured a hand reaching out to another.

i won't tell you exactly how i got into the radiology department, but i had some ex rays made of my hand along with the hand of a volunteer radiologist. i know, i know - it's crazy. i wasn't even sure it would work but i played around with scratching into the film with an exacto knife - like scratchboard. i scratched out shapes and patterns resembling blood cells under a microscope. the picture here was taken while still in progress, shown on a cheap light box - but tonight it will be displayed hanging, on a framed light box.

i can see a series coming....any volunteers for ex ray model?


Beckster said...

very cool! i like both pieces, wish i'd been able to make the show.

susan said...

thanks, beckster! the show is hanging at the "upfront" gallery on front street in issaquah for the next month or so.

Jean Bradbury said...

Wonderful work Susan. I look forward to seeing where your xray ideas take you.

susan said...
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nick said...

i like the x ray art!